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Having been born in South-central PA, Mr. Pensinger attends the Chambersburg First Church of God where he is active in several ministries. He has been certified as an associate in ministry by the Churches of God General Conference. He has recently retired as the president of his Sunday School class. He has served two terms on the church's board of missions. He has also volunteered as a lay pastoral caregiver through the pastoral services department of the Chambersburg Hospital. He is recently retired from his day job and now has more dates and times to use for the ministry of God's Word.
There are three distinct purposes that govern the operation of RDP Ministries. The first is to win souls to the Kingdom of God. The second is to uplift and encourage believers in a hurting world. The third is to use the ministry in its various forms to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever I'm directed. RDP Ministries also believes that God uses Gospel Music to reach hearts and lives that can't be reached by any other source or media. Gospel Music has the capability to soothe a troubled soul; to bring calmness and joy; and to encourage and uplift anyone no matter how strong your faith or what your circumstances. RDP Ministries uses as its Scriptural basis Luke 24:47 which says that repentance and the remission of sin shall be preached to all nations.